main page.

This is where i am going to showcase my conlang, ofonesjevetsje. As of now it is unfinished.

The concept behind ofonesjevetsje is pretty simple, its supposed to be a germanic conlang but with a twist; it has a strict (C)V syllable structure thats why its called ofonesjevetsje, it means open-(ofone)talk(sjevetsje). I designed a set of symbols, basically just a bunch of bindrunes. the idea is that the syllable symbols are just a combination of the symbols for the singular sounds. also the voiced symbols are just the voiceless symbols flipped one way or another. When writing in the latin script you should know that ɲ, ŋ, p͡f, t͡s, t͡ʃ, d͡ʒ, ʃ, ʒ, x/ɣ, and ç are transcribed as nj, ng, pf, ts, tsj, dzj, sj, zj, ch and ç respectively.

So the next most important thing is probably words. I started by making some pronouns

I figured for the dative and acusative case you would just add "seve" to "menge, denge, dinge, etenge" and "sire", and "loite" to "üsüre, jülüre" and "hülüre". So they become "mengeseve, dengeseve, dingeseve, etengeseve, üsüreloite, jülüreloite, sireseve" and "hülüreloite". simple!

so the next big thing is probably some verbs. so here are the irregular verbs to be, to have, to be able to, to have to, to become and to shall.

Having irregular verbs implies the existance of regular verbs right? and regular means theres a pattern. so let me show you the pattern!

by the way, the past is a little funky. mostly because i'm lazy. instead of saying "i ate", you can only say "i have eaten". "içe habe gepözjölöte."