Hi! My name is Rosalina Sophia Johanna van Gelder and this is my website. I'm a Dutchwoman living in guelders and i like communism and heraldry. On here i list my favourite Music and i show off the various art pieces and school projects that i have done and or made! please do check out my roll of arms linked below, its basically my life's work right now, and since i am young that means a lot. If you want to contact me on stuff my twitter is @Appelsaus2, my discord is 💝 Appelsaus_ 💖#8618, my reddit is u/Roosje_ and my website is, well, this. also if you are my friend and you have a website please message me so i can add ur website to my linkroll here. and if you are reading this right now please leave a message in the chatbox on the side, i would love it.